BLOODBATH: Sen. Rick Scott’s Description of the Elections in November for Democrats

Gage Skidmore

In a word, GOP Sen. Rick Scott described what’s coming for the Democrats in the mid-term elections: Bloodbath.

The Florida senator said the economy would be the focal point of the elections.

“This is hurting so many people in my state, so I think this is going to be a bloodbath for the Democrats this year,” Scott said.

“This is not going to be about ‘24. It’s going to be about ’22,” he said. “It’s going to be about three issues: inflation, are my kids getting a good education, living in a safe community, and the Democrats are on the wrong side of those issues.”

Scott, who serves on the National Republican Senatorial Committee, predicted that Republicans should retake the senate this fall with potentially six additional seats.

When questioned by Fox News host, Shannon Bream concerning an MSNBC opinion piece indicating the Republicans had no plan to address inflation, the senator redirected the conversation to his 12-point plan at

  1. Education
  2. Color Blind Equality
  3. Safety & Crime
  4. Immigration
  5. Economy / Growth
  6. Government Reform & Debt
  7. Fair, Fraud-Free Elections
  8. Family
  9. Life, Science
  10. Religious Liberty / Big Tech
  11. America First
  12. Cutting Taxes

The senator said Congress has to stop overspending and balance the budget.

“Every proposal Democrats have is spend your money, spend more money. We’ve got to reduce taxes, reduce fees, reduce the size of government. We’ve got to become energy independent, don’t go over to Saudi Arabia and beg them for fuel, go to Texas and ask them to get more fuel.”

Scott slammed the Biden Administration, “Why is gas up so much? It’s because Biden and the Democrats, they have an agenda to get rid of fossil fuel. That’s horrible for this country, we should be energy independent,” he said.

He added that approaching the fall elections, Democrats would have to explain to their constituents why they voted to make gas prices go up.