Reports: Biden Changes Capacity Of Detention Centers, May Be Changing Their Name

As the crisis at the border intensifies, the Former Vice President’s administration may have decided to open up detention facilities to 100% capacity.

The move is reportedly approved by the CDC and reverses an earlier decision to only allow detention centers to operate at 50% capacity (due to COVID).

According to Axios, “The fact that the country’s premier health advisory agency is permitting a change in COVID-19 protocols indicates the scale of the immigration crisis. A draft memo obtained by Axios conceded “facilities should plan for and expect to have COVID-19 cases.”

A draft memo from the CDC admits that the shelters do not have enough capacity to manage the influx of illegal immigrants while also adhering to COVID protocols. “At this time, CBP does not have adequate space for physical distancing, quarantine of persons exposed to COVID-19 or isolation of ill or infected persons.”

This memo was published on Friday, coming at the same time when the Washington Examiner reported on the Biden administration considering renaming detention centers. “Biden officials are considering naming the facilities ‘reception centers,’ according to three people familiar with the discussions, on the logic that the name sounds less harsh,” the Examiner reported.

An immigration official told the Washington Examiner, “These facilities are going up, but they’re being utilized differently. The direction is very clear. Release them as fast as possible. If you can’t receive [migrants] from a Border Patrol station, then release them right there, do it. If that area gets overcrowded, they’re giving instruction to ICE to then bus them further into the interior of the United States.”