BREAKING: Disney’s Self-Governing Powers Are Removed After DeSantis Signs Bill Into Law

Ron DeSantis Source: Gage Skidmore |

On Friday, Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis passed a bill that removed Disney’s self-governing powers.

Earlier this week, the Florida Senate passed a bill that removed Disney’s special consideration to allow the corporation to govern the lands containing Walt Disney World. This comes after Disney publically came out against Floriday’s newly-passed pro-parent bill that prohibits government school teachers from pushing sexual ideology upon prek-3rd grade children.

In response, Florida’s congress approved a bill that removes a 1960’s-era Reedy Creek Improvement District, which provides the global corporation with special tax and legal considerations.

The Reedy Creek Improvement District was first provisioned as an incentive to help build Disney’s theme park. The powers given to Disney is similar to those of county governments.

The removal of these considerations is estimated to cost Disney tens of millions of dollars.