California Governor Demands Private Film Companies To Fall In Line With Woke Agenda And Only Film In CA

Gage Skidmore

On Wednesday, the current governor of California, demanded filmmakers to “choose” where films are made based on woke agendas, saying if they filmed in conservative states, they would be participating in “hatred.”

Newsome delivered his demands on private companies via Twitter, where he said, “Today, Hollywood will wake up to this ad. Time to choose. You can protect your workers, or continue to support anti-abortion states that rule with hatred.”

His demand comes during a time when California legislature is considering a bill that offers film and TV companies generous tax credits till the end of the decade.

The post included a statement entitled “Holywood: Your Values, Your Choice.” It, specifically declared Oklahoma and Georgia unfit for film companies to work in. He went on to label these state’s laws as “a cruel assault on essential rights,” which refers to their pro-life abortion restrictions.

He then said Holywood to “walk the walk,” which is clearly a reference to woke Hollywood to do business only in states that resemble the same ideology.