Car Collides with President Biden’s Motorcade in Delaware

Joe Biden speaking at the Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit | Source:

A car crashed into President Joe Biden’s motorcade on Sunday night as he was preparing to re-enter one of the vehicles.

The incident occurred after Biden and First Lady Jill Biden had finished dining at their campaign office headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware.

The car struck a U.S. Secret Service vehicle that was stationed to block an intersection near the headquarters. Subsequently, the car attempted to drive into the closed-off intersection. Federal law enforcement officials swiftly surrounded the vehicle and instructed the driver to raise their hands. Video footage of the incident captured Biden outside conversing with a heckler when the crash occurred. The impact was significant enough to draw the attention of Secret Service agents who promptly encircled Biden and escorted him into the vehicle.

Clearer footage of the incident emerged, revealing the moment Biden was leaving his campaign headquarters when the car collided with his motorcade. The driver of the car remains reportedly unidentified.

The collision occurred with a portion of Biden’s parked motorcade in Wilmington. An SUV that had closed down a street while Biden attended a campaign event was rammed into by the car. The circumstances surrounding the incident have yet to be clarified. Following the collision, Biden and the First Lady boarded their vehicle and left the scene.

As of now, neither the White House nor the U.S. Secret Service has released official statements regarding the incident. The situation continues to develop, and updates will be provided as they become available.