The Left Compares Trump To Hitler…Again

Gage Skidmore

Former President Donald Trump sparked intense reactions from Democrats and leftist commentators with his remarks on immigration during a rally in Durham, New Hampshire. As the border crisis under President Joe Biden continues to escalate, Trump focused on illegal immigration and its impact on the country.

During the rally, Trump claimed that around 15 to 16 million people had entered the United States illegally, stating, “They’re poisoning the blood of our country.” He further emphasized that this issue extended beyond just South America and included migrants from Africa, Asia, and other parts of the world.

Trump’s choice of words, specifically his reference to “poisoning the blood,” drew strong criticism from the Left. Many individuals likened the phrase to language used by Adolf Hitler, accusing Trump of parroting the infamous dictator. Joe Scarborough, host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” went so far as to claim that Trump was “literally channeling Hitler” and spoke about “poisoning the blood of America.” Mika Brzezinski, Scarborough’s co-host, added that Trump used language reminiscent of 20th-century authoritarians.

The Biden campaign condemned Trump’s comments, asserting that he had a plan to “lock up millions of people into detention camps.” They also criticized him for praising North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and quoting Russian President Vladimir Putin during the rally. In a statement, the campaign accused Trump of emulating his role models, parroting Hitler, and threatening American democracy. They also referenced Trump’s loss to Joe Biden in the previous election, claiming he continued to lie about it.

On Sunday, MSNBC host Kristen Welker confronted Senator Lindsey Graham, who had endorsed Trump, about the former president’s language on immigration. Welker asked if Graham was comfortable with Trump’s choice of words. Graham replied, “We’re talking about language. I could care less about what language people use as long as we get it right.” Brzezinski later responded to Graham’s remarks, suggesting that Trump’s actions aligned with the language he used.

Chris Christie, a former Republican governor and Trump’s political opponent, voiced his opinion on the controversy. During an appearance on CNN, Christie described Trump’s language as “disgusting” and accused him of dog-whistling to Americans facing economic stress and global conflicts. Christie also criticized Republicans who condoned or supported such rhetoric.