“Caving to Vladimir” – Biden Blasted Over Nord Stream 2 Reports

On Tuesday, Former Vice President Joe Biden was criticized over reports that the US is going to remove sanctions over a company responsible for constructing Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

Axios reported, “The State Department will also acknowledge that the corporate entity in charge of the project (Nord Stream 2 AG) and its CEO (Putin crony and former East German intelligence officer Matthias Warnig) are engaged in sanctionable activities. However, the State Department will waive the applications of those sanctions, citing U.S. national interests.”

Instead, Biden will only sanction a few ships, which falls short of additional actions that would be effective in stopping the pipeline.

In effect, the US’s weak stance against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline would be handing Putin even more leverage and influence into the heart of Europe.

These reports follow Biden’s blocking of the US’s Keystone XL Pipeline and crippling of our nation’s largest pipeline by a group of Russia-based hackers.