CDC – Mental Health Of Children May Be Worsening When Receiving Virtual Instruciton

In a study released by the CDC, children engaged in virtual-schooling are at an increased risk of experiencing worse emotional and mental health than children who are allowed to go to school, spend time with friends, and be outdoors.

“Virtual instruction might present more risks than does in-person instruction related to child and parental mental and emotional health and some health-supporting behaviors.”

According to the report, 24.9% of kids engaged in virtual-learning are experiencing worsening emotional or mental wellbeing. This is in sharp contrast to just 15.9% of children in regular in-person schooling.

Researchers say parents of online schoolchildren “more frequently reported their own emotional distress, difficulty sleeping, loss of work, concern about job stability, child care challenges, and conflict between working and providing child care than did parent whose children were receiving in-person instruction.”

The study is limited, however. The study included a small sample size, and only included parents of children from 5-12. Across the country, an increasing number of schools are providing a standard 5-day in-person school program, while simultaneously providing a virtual-learning option.