Sunday Morning Rage – Biden Administration Slammed Over Handling Of The Border Crisis

It was a difficult Sunday morning for the Biden Administration, as many mainstream news networks slammed the former Vice President’s administration’s tight-lipped stance about the growing crisis on the border.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas appeared on a Sunday morning news shows touting the Biden-line…and it did not go well.

Martha Raddatz, host of ABC’s “This Week” critisized the Biden administration for not allowing media to visit migrant facilities on the souther border. When asked about the media blackout, Mayorkas skirted the issue and would not say when media would be back in to cover the growing crisis.

While the Biden Administration is quick to blame Trump for the border crisis, the media seems to be taking a different stance. Raddatz went on to highlight how migrants at the border were saying “Biden promised that we can cross with minors.”

Raddatz went on to press the DHS secretary further saying, “I know you’re trying to get that message out now, but your team was also briefed by career professionals at DHS during the transition about the possibility of this crisis. You yourself say we are on pace to have one of the largest migrant surges in 20 years. Why were you not prepared for this?”

While appearing on Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallas played a clip of Biden saying “We’ll always be honest and transparent with you about both the good news and the bad.” After playing that clip Wallas asked Mayorkas “So why has the Biden administration refused to allow reporters to see for themselves and to record what the conditions are under which these minors are being housed? Why, in fact, did you — when you went to the border on Friday and led a congressional delegation, why did you refuse to allow reporters to see the conditions under which these minors are being held?”

Mayorkas claimed that the media ban was to protect children, to which Wallace called an “excuse.”

When it was CNN’s turn to speak to Mayorkas, Dana Bash slammed the Biden Administration for, what she called, a “five-alarm emergency.” She went on to press Mayorkas, asking him if he thought conditions at the border were acceptable. Mayorkas would not answer the question.