Comer Expresses Surprise Over DOJ’s Swift Indictment of Gal Luft

James Comer | Source:

Rep. James Comer (R-KY) has expressed skepticism over the Department of Justice’s swift action against Gal Luft, an Israeli professor and energy expert. Luft, a dual US-Israeli citizen, is facing eight charges, including acting as an unregistered foreign agent and violating US sanctions against Iran. The professor, who is currently evading federal prosecutors, claims that he is being targeted due to his knowledge of the Biden family’s business dealings in China.

Luft, who has been identified as a key witness in the House Republicans’ investigation into the Biden family’s overseas business activities, has vehemently denied the charges. He made his stance clear in a video statement released last week. Comer, who is leading a congressional inquiry into the Biden family’s business affairs, has previously alleged that the Bidens have established a large-scale money laundering operation, enabling them to profit from corrupt dealings in China, Romania, and Ukraine.

During a recent Fox News appearance, Comer questioned the timing of the charges against Luft, which were announced following the release of Luft’s video. He emphasized that Luft, like the Bidens, was on the payroll of CEFC, a Chinese energy company. Comer also pointed out that the Bidens had expressed a desire to share office space with CEFC, with Hunter Biden even suggesting making an extra set of keys for Joe Biden, Jill Biden, and Jim Biden.

Luft claims that he approached the DOJ and FBI in 2019, expressing concerns about corruption within the Biden family. He met with a team of six officials, including two from the DOJ and four from the FBI, in Brussels. This meeting occurred just weeks before Joe Biden announced his presidential candidacy. Luft now believes that he is being targeted to prevent him from sharing his knowledge with congressional investigators.

Comer expressed surprise at the DOJ’s swift action against Luft, noting that it was unusual for the department to move so quickly. He also highlighted the fact that the DOJ had sent a team of six officials to interview Luft in 2019, suggesting that they considered his information to be credible.