President Biden’s Absence at Key Dinners Raises Eyebrows

During a recent NATO event in Vilnius, Lithuania, President Joe Biden chose not to attend a dinner with fellow world leaders.

The reason given by a U.S. official was Biden’s full schedule of official duties and the need to prepare for an important speech.

This is the third time in recent history that Biden has declined to join world leaders for dinner at international events.

In the past, Biden has missed such dinners in Indonesia and Japan, attributing his absence to travel-induced fatigue.

Those who have known Biden for a long time have privately mentioned observing minor changes in his behavior, such as using his desk for support when sitting and a noticeable decrease in his energy levels.

Biden’s physical and mental fitness for office has been a topic of discussion throughout his presidency. For instance, he recently claimed that the U.S. was running low on 155mm artillery shells due to large shipments to Ukraine, a statement that was later corrected by the administration.

Biden has also had several public falls, including one at the U.S. Air Force Academy graduation ceremony in Colorado Springs and another while attempting to board Air Force One.