DeSantis Outlines Reasons Behind GOP’s Midterm ‘Huge Underperformance’

Gage Skidmore

During a press conference on Thursday, DeSantis addressed the GOP’s “huge underperformance” during the recent midterm elections, answering the question “why did this happen?”

After making international headlines, and winning reelction in a landslide, many regard Ron DeSantis as the head of the Republican party and potential Presidential candidate.

DeSantis said, “We assumed we were going to end up with like 245 House members, we’re at 222 it looks like, which is a huge underperformance. The question is, you know, why did that happen?”

DeSantis went on to give remarks about Biden’s resounding unpopularity in America, noting how incumbents associated with a struggling Presidential administration generally do poorly during midterms. However, election results did not have this result.

“Usually those voters are going to want to vote for people that are offering an alternative, and yet some of those voters throughout the country, not in Florida, but throughout the country, even though they disapproved of Biden, even though they disapproved of the direction of the country, they still didn’t want to vote, you know, for some of our candidates.”

DeSantis went on to say, “I think what we’ve done in Florida is we’ve shown that we’ve exercised leadership, we’ve not kowtowed, we’ve been willing to take on big interests … but producing results, and then that ends up attracting more people to want to be on your team. That was not something that was happening throughout the rest of the country.”