DeSantis Signs Bill Against Vaccine Mandates – “We Are Respecting People’s Individual Freedom”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed bills against vaccine mandates, which flys in the face Former Vice President Joe Biden’s mandates.

“We’re really excited to be here, especially because when I sign this legislation today, we hear so much about all these things: mandates, restrictions, tearing people down. Today, we lift people up. We provide protections for people: no nurse, no firefighter, no police officer, no trucker, no anybody should lose their job because of these COVID jabs,” DeSantis said.

He went on to say, “This is the strongest piece of legislation that’s been enacted anywhere in the country in this regard. … We are respecting people’s individual freedom in this state.”

He was asked, “You believed these were bad for Floridians. But cities like Tampa and St. Pete have tried to (unintelligible) policies you’ve made that they think are bad for them. Why is it okay for you to violate the conservative tenet of home rule but it’s bad when the Biden administration —”

DeSantis respondedm “Well, first of all, this idea that somehow conservatism is about local school boards — it’s the United States of America, not the United School boards of county commissions of America. So the states are the primary vehicles to protect people’s freedoms; their health, their safety, their welfare, and our Constitutional system. What Biden is doing is not constitutional. There has never been a federal vaccine mandate imposed on the general public.”