DeSantis: ‘We Want Families To Do Well’ – Announces New Tax Breaks For Families Burdened With Soaring Costs

Gage Skidmore

Ahead of state elections, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis proposed significant tax breaks that he believes will benefit working families and create relief during a time of record-high inflation.

While speaking at an “Education Freedom” event in Boca Raton, DeSantis said, “What we’re going to do next year is we’re going to make that permanent, so that baby items, cribs, strollers, no tax on that.”

He went on to say, “We’re going to do no tax on school books, kids’ books. We’re going to do no tax on athletic equipment for kids. We’re going to do no tax on toys for 12 and under, We want families to do well.”

He then went on to blast DC Democrats for creating policies that have caused and sustained decades-high inflation.

DeSantis said, “And you see the inflation that we’re having to deal with because of all the stuff they’re doing in Washington. They printed trillions of dollars, they’re trying to kneecap energy production, of course you’re going to get inflation when you do those policies. And so inflation has not gone down, it went up the last month. Energy, unfortunately, is going to go up again between now and the end of the year, so this is pinching people, not just in Florida but all across the country.”