A Muppet and Puppet Find Time To Chat Amidst Multiple Ongoing National Crisis

In the middle of some serious challenges, President Joe Biden has decided to have a chat with a not-so-typical personality: Elmo from Sesame Street. This unexpected move has got people talking and some are criticizing it, especially considering the issues the country is currently dealing with.

We’ve been seeing more and more attacks from Iran-backed militants, which have injured many American military members and even caused three deaths. Critics are pointing out that it took Biden three days to contact the families of those who died. Even though the Biden administration says it’s thinking about how to respond to these attacks, critics are worried that sharing potential strategies could give away too much to our enemies.

Then there’s the issue of American hostages being held by Hamas. Critics are saying that the Biden administration isn’t saying enough about this, leading some people to think they’re hoping everyone will just forget about it.

And let’s not forget about the border crisis. Last month, we saw the biggest number of encounters with illegal aliens ever recorded in U.S. history – over 302,000 people. Instead of tackling this issue head-on, Biden has been butting heads with Texas over their efforts to protect the border – something critics say should be his job. What’s more, despite previous statements since he took office, Biden now claims he’s always recognized the crisis.

In the middle of all this, Representative Robert Garcia (D-CA) tried to shift the blame onto Republicans for blocking Biden’s ability to deal with the border crisis, but this didn’t go down well and he ended up being mocked.

Despite all these issues, Biden found time to chat with Elmo. Some people are questioning whether this was the best move, suggesting it makes him look less serious. During the chat, Biden said, “I know how hard it is some days to sweep the clouds away and get to sunnier days…We have to be there for each other, offer our help to a neighbor in need, and above all else, ask for help when we need it. Even though it’s hard, you’re never alone.”

Critics aren’t happy with this statement, pointing out the irony of these words coming from a President who they say has labeled millions of Americans as extremists just because they support his political rivals.

So, the decision to chat with a Sesame Street character during a national crisis has left some people scratching their heads about where Biden’s priorities lie and what direction he’s taking his administration in.