Texas Governor Greg Abbott Stands Firm on Border Wall Construction Despite Opposition

Greg Abbott | commons.wikimedia.org

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has declared his intention to continue the construction of a border wall along the U.S.-Mexico frontier, following a recent Supreme Court decision concerning razor wire.

The announcement was made in the wake of a video showing what seems to be a segment of metal wall being transported by heavy machinery. However, details about the location and timeline of the wall’s construction, as well as who commissioned it, remain unclear.

The Biden administration had previously argued before the Supreme Court that federal agencies should have the authority to cut and remove razor wire along the border. This case, however, did not touch on the metal walls portrayed in Governor Abbott’s video. The Supreme Court, in a close 5-4 decision last week, sided with the Biden administration permitting the removal of the razor wire.

Governor Abbott’s actions have been met with criticism from several Texas Democrats, notably former lawmaker Beto O’Rourke and Representative Joaquin Castro (D-Texas). Both suggested the Biden administration should federalize the Texas National Guard. Yet, Governor Abbott seems prepared for such a possibility. Moreover, Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick stated in a recent interview that the state would not cease installing more razor wire, setting the stage for potential future legal battles.

Federal officials have also requested access to a riverfront park near Eagle Pass, Texas, which the state took over earlier this month. Since then, access for Border Patrol agents has been denied, leading the Department of Homeland Security to send a letter demanding entry. Governor Abbott responded on social media, asserting Texas’ “constitutional right to self-defense” but did not comment on the park’s accessibility.

Throughout the summer, Texas troopers and National Guard members have maintained a significant presence at Shelby Park, a popular crossing point for illegal migration from Mexico. Although crossings have decreased since January, the state recently informed the mayor of Eagle Pass of its intention to close public access to Shelby Park, without providing an explanation or a timeline for when access might be restored. The Supreme Court was later informed that the park had been reopened to the public days after its closure, a claim met with skepticism by the federal government.

In summary, the ongoing debate and legal battles over border security continue in Texas, with Governor Abbott firmly committed to continuing construction of the border wall and installing more razor wire, despite recent Supreme Court rulings and opposition from other politicians. Meanwhile, the situation at Shelby Park remains contentious, with the state and federal government at odds over access rights.