Energy Secretary Says Biden Willing to Pass Infrastructure Package Without GOP Support

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm suggested that President Joe Biden may push his $2 trillion infrastructure package through Congress without support from Republican lawmakers.

Granholm said that Biden would be prepared to use the same budget reconciliation process that Congress Democrats used to pass the latest COVID-19 relief package without a single Republican vote.

As he has said, he was sent to the presidency to do a job for America. And if the vast majority of Americans, Democrats and Republicans, across the country support spending on our country and not allowing us to lose the race globally, then he’s going to do that,” Granholm said during CNN’s ‘State of the Union.’

However, Granholm stated that Biden would prefer to have Republican support on the infrastructure bill.

“His sincere preference, his open hand, is to Republicans to come to the table and say, ‘if you don’t like this how would you pay for it, if you don’t like this, what would you include?’ So much of this, though, includes priorities that Republicans have supported,” Granholm added.

Republican lawmakers have already raised criticism against Biden’s package, with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell indicating that he will not support the infrastructure bill because of “massive” tax increases that could raise the national debt.

“The administration’s non-infrastructure ‘infrastructure bill’ looks like another Trojan horse for far-left demands. Rolling back Right to Work laws. Imposing the biggest new tax hikes in a generation – killing jobs and slowing wage growth when workers need a fast recovery,” McConnell wrote to Twitter.