More Americans Disapprove Of How Joe Is Handling The Border – New Poll Shows

In a poll released Monday by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, an increasing number of Americans disprove of Biden’s handling of the surge in unaccompanied minors at the border.

The poll shows those living in the United States are concerned about the conditions and operations at the border. More specifically, Americans don’t like how Biden’s handling of the crisis is impacting young children. According to the poll, 59% of Americans think “Providing safe treatment of children at the border” needs to become a top-level priority for Biden’s Administration. The remaining results show 31% think it should be a “moderate” priority. And, only 9% showing it should be a low-priority.

The poll also showed 89% of Americans think legal immigration levels should increase, which is 7 points lower compared to September 2019.

And while Biden’s approval remains around 61%, the poll showed only 44% of adults approved of his handling border security. When considering how Biden is handling the influx in migrant children, only 24% of adults approve and 40% disapprove.

Overall, the poll shows Americans are increasingly getting aggravated over the former Vice President’s approach to border security, immigration and handling of the crisis.