Explosion At Kabul Airport – ISIS Suspected Responsible – Biden Not Addressing Nation

The Daily Mail is reporting, around 6:30 local time, an explosion rocked the “Abbey Gate” of the Kabul airport. The explosion caused casualties of Afghan citizens. However, it is unclear how many casualties there are. Additionally, it is unclear is American nationals are victims of the blast.

American officials were warned of an “imminent” bomb threat from ISIS-K terrorists. The report moved US troops to close gates to the airport. Even after the blast, the US State Department is saying it’s safe for Americans to approach the airport for evacuation. Current estimates put the number of American citizens stranded behind enemy lines stands around 1,500.

Responsibility for the attack has not been revealed. But, many suspect it to be the result of ISIS or the Taliban.

As for the remaining Americans who suspect that they will not be able to leave the country, the US State Department is suggesting American citizens make a run for the Pakistan border.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been briefed on the bomb attack today. However, instead of addressing the nation himself for the problem he caused, one of his military officials is expected to make a statement today.