Biden’s New Legacy – 10+ Marines Dead As Terrorists Detonate Bombs Near Kabul Airport

Update: The death toll now includes over 10 US Marines dead. This story is developing.


Four Marines were left dead and three are wounded after two bombs were set off near the Kabul airport on Thursday.

The first bomb was detonated near the Abbey Gate of the Kabul Airport. The second bomb went off near the Baron Hotel. Both areas are places where Americans were gathered to enter the Kabul airport.

Early reports coming from the region are indicated over a dozen have been injured.

Currently, many officials and foreign leaders are pressuring the Former Vice President of the United States to extend the arbitrary and self-imposed timeline. However, the President, who early this year had fallen up the stairs of Air Force One, has indicated he will continue to obey the Taliban and not extend it.

At this time, the US State Department has estimated the number of Americans stranded behind enemy lines to be somewhere around 1,500 in number. Estimates of American-allied Afghans to be somewhere around 150,000.