FL Governor DeSantis Takes Aim At Big Tech With “Transparency in Technology Act”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has effectively declared war on Big Tech as he recommended state lawmakers adopt the “Transparency in Technology Act.”

The bill, which will most likely become law, calls for several changes to how Floridians are treated by Big Tech and social media platforms. Addressing reporters at the state capitol, DeSantis called social media and other tech firms as having formed a “monopoly of communications platforms” who “monitor and control” citizens of his state.

“I’m committed to addressing what may be one of the most pervasive threats to American self-government in the 21st century,” DeSantis said. He further added, “Big Tech looks more like Big Brother every year,” adding that this is “real life, not George Orwell‘s fiction.”

The bill he is recommending has four main goals: protecting users, create enforcement tools, holding social media accountable and protecting political candidates.

Specifically, DeSantis’ recommendations call for “Giving [users] the power to opt-out of posting promoting and shadow-banning algorithms. Stopping frequent changes to terms of use and requiring consent for terms of use changes.”

The Transparency in Technology Act proposes to enforce rules by “letting users sue social media if Big Tech doesn’t consistently apply their standards” and “giving the FL Attorney General tools to combat Big Tech anti-competitive practices.”

The bill would also hold social media companies accountable by “stopping [Big Tech] from arbitrarily censoring and deplatforming users.”

Lastly, the bill seeks to protect political candidates by “Exempting any post by or about a candidate from being promoted or shadow banned during election.” The bill would also seek to require “the Elections Commission to fine a social media platform for deplatforming a political candidate seeking office in Florida.”