Fulton County Clerk’s Accidental Release of Trump Indictment Sparks Controversy

Fulton County Courthouse in Atlanta, Georgia | Source: www.fultonclerk.org

Ché Alexander, the Fulton County Clerk of Courts, acknowledged her inadvertent release of the fourth indictment concerning former President Donald Trump.

Alexander explained to Channel 2’s Tom Jones that she mistakenly clicked “send” instead of “save” on the document. She emphasized her human nature and the immense pressure she was under to ensure a seamless process. Alexander was keen on making the indictment available to the public promptly, leading to the unintended release.

She clarified that the version that surfaced on social media was an “unofficial document” or a “dry run” hinting at the impending indictment. The official version would have borne an official stamp. Alexander stated, “It was fictitious. It wasn’t real. It didn’t have a stamp on it.” She further mentioned her commitment to transparency and her office’s dedication to openness.

However, the accidental release has not been without repercussions. Alexander’s office has been on the receiving end of threats, including ones like “I’m coming to get you.” Despite the backlash, she remains firm that her error did not influence the jury in any way. The indictment, now available to the public, accuses Trump and 18 of his associates of crimes linked to the RICO Act, originally designed to target mobsters involved in organized crime. Trump’s legal team has expressed skepticism over the “simple administrative mistake” and raised concerns about the prosecutor’s office’s respect for the grand jury process.