‘The Blind Side’ Author Speaks Out About Michael Oher’s Relationship with Tuohy Family Under Scrutiny

Michael Oher | Source: commons.wikimedia.org

Michael Oher, the former NFL player whose life story inspired the bestselling book and subsequent film “The Blind Side,” has raised allegations against the Tuohy family, who played a pivotal role in his early life.

The Tuohys, portrayed as Oher’s guardians in the story, are now facing a petition from Oher, which claims they exploited him for financial gain.

Michael Lewis, the author of “The Blind Side,” recently spoke out regarding the unfolding situation. Lewis, who spent significant time with both Oher and the Tuohy family during the writing of his book, expressed his shock at the recent developments. “I’m surprised by Michael’s actions,” Lewis stated, emphasizing that the narrative he penned was based on his observations and interactions with the involved parties.

“Everyone should be pointing fingers at the Hollywood studio system,” Lewis commented to The Washington Post. “Michael Oher ought to be on the side of the writers during their strike. Hollywood’s financial practices are downright scandalous, but don’t think the Tuohys are the ones benefiting.”

Lewis revealed that the studio shelled out $250,000 for the rights to adapt the book into a film. This sum, he shared, was divided equally between him and the Tuohy family. The Tuohys, in turn, split their portion. Despite the film’s blockbuster success, both Lewis and the Tuohys pocketed roughly $350,000 each from the movie’s earnings.

Lewis mentioned that the Tuohys intended to divide the earnings with Oher. However, Oher turned down his share of the royalties. Lewis believes the Tuohys might have set aside these funds in a trust for Oher’s young son.

The book, which was later adapted into a successful film starring Sandra Bullock, showcased the heartwarming relationship between Oher and the Tuohy family. It depicted how Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy took Oher in, providing him with a stable home environment and supporting his journey to the NFL.

However, the recent petition paints a different picture, suggesting that the Tuohys may have had ulterior motives. Oher’s allegations have sent ripples through the sports and entertainment communities, with many awaiting further details and clarity on the matter.