GOP Leaders Blast Democrats Court-Packing Agenda – Says It Will “Destroy The Rule Of Law”

On Thursday, leading GOP Senators Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) sounded off on their opposition to the idea of expanding the Supreme Court from 9 to 13 seats.

During a press conference, the Senators said court-packing would “destroy judicial independence.”

Ted Cruz said, “Packing the court and tearing down the institutions that protect our rights is fundamentally wrong. They’re [Democrats] trying to rig the game … fix the system.”

Backed by liberal lobbyists, the “Judiciary Act of 2021” was proposed last week seeks to flip the balance of power within the Supreme Court by adding four additional seats, with the current President having the ability to nominate all four.

Lindsey Grahm blasted the idea by saying the entire Democrat-led effort is “to make the court liberal so that when they fell at the ballot box, they can get the Supreme Court to enact their agenda.”

“That’s been a liberal dream for decades, and they’re willing to destroy the rule of law as we know it to achieve their goal. They are willing to change the makeup of the United States Senate to achieve their goal,” Grahm said.

Graham went on to say, “We’re not going to allow the most radical liberal movement in modern American history to destroy the rule of law for partisan purposes.”

On Thursday, 20 Republican state attorneys urged Former Vice President Joe Biden in a letter to not expand the court, calling it “a naked political power grab.”