Harris Utilizes Tie-Breaking Vote to Pass Budget Resolution With No Republican Support

The Senate narrowly approved a budget resolution, setting the stage for President Joe Biden’s pandemic relief bill. The vote came down to Vice President Kamala Harris after all 50 Republicans voted against the resolution.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said “I am so thankful that our caucus stayed together in unity. We had no choice given the problems facing America and the desire to move forward.” Schumer added, “This was a giant first step, a step in concord, and we’re so grateful that President Biden put together a plan with input from so many of us, both sides of the aisle, to bring America back to overcome this horrible crisis.”

Schumer’s remarks implied that the resolution passed with bipartisan support, although this was simply not the case as not one Republican joined Senate Democrats in voting for the resolution.

The resolution will now go back to the House of Representatives and if passed, Congress will begin crafting the next relief bill. It is expected to match Biden’s proposed relief bill very closely.

On Thursday, the White House said Biden supported $1,400 direct payments, just $600 less than his original $2,000 promise.