“Hold Your Head Up High” – Trump Official Gives Words Of Encouragement

In the midst of all the drama surrounding Capitol Hill and the White House, Dan Scavino, President Trump’s deputy chief of staff, sent out a message yesterday, encouraging Trump administration officials to be proud of what they accomplished.

“I encourage all Trump Administration Officials to hold your heads up high, and be proud of what you have accomplished together, over the past four years, for the American People. While cancel culture kicks into high gear, and blacklisting of our names for future employment is underway, stay strong, and we will all prevail!”

This message comes after several in the Trump administration have resigned, giving the appearance that many are leaving Trump after the breach of the Capitol.

These sentiments are echoed by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo when he said, “History will reflect on the good work that this president, and our administration, has done.”

While history has yet to be written, regarding the Trump administration, one thing is clear; his administration has accomplished significant things over the past four years. And many of those accomplishments should be appreciated by those who made them happen.