If Biden Is Going To Bring America Together, It’s Going To Be A Tough Road…But One Worth Pursuing

The incoming Presidential administration has major hurdles ahead of it. There is the legislative side, where the President-Elect will have to figure out how to deal with the COVID pandemic, while maintaining the US economy, while also navigating the distraction of the Senate possibly conducting an impeachment trial of President Trump.

The most notable challenge is being a President that can fill the chasm that has shifted both parties further apart. This will be no small feat, given Democrats and some Republicans want to further punish President Trump for what the media calls his participation in inciting the siege on Capitol hill.

This administration will gain political power within the context of a nation having been brought through a tumultuous summer, where there were dozens of riots and public upheaval. Adding on to this is the weariness most Americans have experienced after experiencing restrictions and closures due to efforts to curb the Coronavirus.

It is also important to recall many Republicans still remember Biden as Vice President, where he supported and pushed for many liberal policies, many of which failed to gain Republican support.

While it must be noted that Biden has yet to voice support for Trump’s impeachment, he did comment saying he wanted all involved to be held accountable.

When viewed under the light of what this country has been through, and the deep divide it has caused, it is difficult to see how Biden can effectively become a President for all Americans. This will require a conscious choice to move the conversation away from divisive politics and set an example of bipartisanship, which is something Americans have not seen in a long time.

Bringing the nation together would require both sides of the aisle to reach out to those with opposing views. They would have to focus on mending relationships and calming the rhetoric that seems to be pulling our nation apart. Perhaps this is just a dream. But, it is a dream worth hoping in.