‘I Think It’s Going To Be A Tsunami’ – Ted Cruz Predicts BIG Republican Midterm Wins

Gage Skidmore https://commons.wikimedia.org

Speaking with Fox News on Thursday, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz said he believes Americans will see Republicans win in the midterm elections, describing it as a “tsunami.”

He said, “I think we are going to see a wave election. I think it’s going to be a tsunami.”

Ted Cruz, who was in Arizona at the time, made the comments while on his milt-state tour of America.

He went on to say, “Republicans are going to retake both the House and Senate. I think in the House, we could easily end up with a majority of 30, 40, 50 votes. In the Senate, I think we are going to retake the majority. I think we will end up with about 53 Republicans in the Senate.”

Cruz went on to mock how the Democrat’s poor performance is forcing them to rely on the topic of abortion to motivate voters.

Cruz said, “What would you talk about? You couldn’t talk about the economy because the economy has gone to crap under Biden. You couldn’t talk about inflation because the price of everything is up. Gas is more than twice as high. Mortgages are three times as high. You couldn’t talk about crime because we’ve got murder rates skyrocketing across the country.”

He also said, “You certainly couldn’t talk about illegal immigration. If you try to talk foreign policy, Biden’s surrender to the Taliban is a loser.”

“So they’re left with abortion, and they’re trying to make it all about abortion. And the crazy thing about it is, the Supreme Court has returned that issue to the voters. So now, every state will decide the abortion laws in their states. The laws will reflect the values of their citizens. It’s democracy,” Cruz said.

Cruz summarized this year’s midterms saying, “It is a fundamental change election, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.”