Independence Day Cookouts Will Cost Americans 17 Percent More

Independence Day is full of celebrations with family and friends gathered around the grill as cookouts take center stage during the day and fireworks light up the sky by night.

Americans can expect to invest 17% more for the food supplies included in their celebration this year. For example, according to a Farm Bureau Report, a cookout for a group of 10 will cost $69.68 on average.

In 2021, President Biden bragged that a July 4 cookout cost was .16 cents less than the previous year. It’s doubtful that the president will brag about 2022 Independence Day cookouts costing $10 more.

According to TODAY, the price of chicken breasts, pork chops, and pork and beans rose about a third during the past year. Other July Fourth foods like potato salad, ice cream, hamburger buns and lemonade have all jumped 10% to 22%, depending on the item. The report noted that overall food prices are nearing a 12% increase over 2021.

Also, prices of other Independence Day fare items like burgers and steaks have increased significantly. For example, the USDA National Retail Report on beef shows Sirloin Steaks have jumped by $1.70 per pound in 2022.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, baby back ribs, spare ribs and pork steaks are up 5.71% over last year’s totals, or a $1.14 difference in value.

might think ground beef is a less expensive option, but it’s now over $11 for 2-pounds, a 36% increase over last year’s $8.20., according to Fox 59 in Indianapolis.

Other supplies for the big celebration are fireworks. According to Fox News 8, in Cleveland, Ohio, prepare for the sticker shock. What was $10 last year, will approach $16 this year. In other words, the fireworks increased by about one-third in price.

The reasoning behind the increase is the same talking points that began with the pandemic and lingered: COVID-19 shutdown fallout, supply-chain issues, and the war between Russia and Ukraine.