Iran-Supported Hezbollah Intensifies Attacks on Israel

An Israeli military base has been severely damaged in a series of attacks carried out by Hezbollah, a terrorist organization supported by Iran.

The assault on the base is the latest in a string of violent incidents involving the group, which operates out of southern Lebanon and has launched over a thousand missiles, mortars, drones, and rockets at Israel since October 7th. This comes after the deadly attack by Hamas, another Palestinian terrorist group, which resulted in 1,200 Israeli deaths, over 5,300 injuries, and more than 240 kidnappings.

The attack on the military base was reported by The Times of Israel, which outlined that the strikes originated from Lebanon, targeting the northern communities of Arab al-Aramshe and Bar’am, alongside the Biranit army base. Although there were no casualties reported from the strikes, significant damage was sustained, and a fire ensued as a result of the rocket barrage.

In a separate incident later that day, Hezbollah launched around two dozen rockets and three suicide drones, presumably supplied by Iran, at various locations along the Israeli border. This further attack saw an additional 25 rockets and three suicide drones launched from Lebanon at multiple border areas.

Hezbollah, receiving over $700 million annually from Iran, has grown to become the most formidable non-state actor globally. With a vast arsenal exceeding 100,000 rockets and tens of thousands of fighters, their capabilities surpass those of Hamas, which has also targeted Israel with rocket attacks from Gaza.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a stern warning to Hezbollah in response to the escalating attacks. He cautioned that the group was “playing with fire,” adding, “There are those who think they can expand their attacks against our troops and against civilians. This is playing with fire. Fire will be met with much stronger fire. They must not try us, because we have displayed only a little part of our power. We will harm those who harm us.”