It’s 50 Days In And Biden Has Yet To Hold A Formal Press Conference

It has been 50 days since Former Vice President Biden took office. And, he has yet to schedule a formal press conference.

Yes, we know there is no law requiring a President to hold a press conference. However, the lack of one is notable.

To compare how this compares to other Presidents, George W. Bush waited 34 days, Obama waited 21 days and Trump waited 28 days until holding a press conference.

With Biden set to sign the second-largest stimulus bill (aka “American Rescue Plan”) and signing dozens of executive orders, many in the press are beginning to wonder why the President hasn’t addressed the nation in a formal press conference context.

Speaking on Fox News, Kayleigh McEnany said that it’s “not surprising” that the press hasn’t directly heard from the elderly president saying, “I remember I warned reporters, in a joking way, when it was clear Biden was the incoming president, they should get used to the feeling of not seeing a president regularly.”

Trump’s former press secretary continued saying, “If history was any indicator, the basement strategy would continue, just not in the basement, in the Oval.” She later added, “I don’t think his staff sees the free-wheeling briefing room back-and-forth as the ideal communications model for President Biden.”

Biden’s current press secretary Jen Psaki was asked when the President plans on addressing the press directly. Paski answered by highlighting that Biden has answered questions from reporters about 40 times since taking office. Although, the President has yet to hold a formal press conference.