It’s Happening – Global Tech Company Is Creating COVID “Daily Pass” For Kids In School

It’s happening…and in one of the creepiest ways possible. Los Angeles Unified School District has teamed up with Microsoft to create a “Daily Pass” for students.

The “Daily Pass” will give the student a QR code that will be scanned and allow the student to enter classroom buildings. Students will still have to wear masks, remain six feet apart, get regular temperature checks and weekly COVID testing.

Remember, this is being powered by Bill Gate’s company.

In a promotional video, it’s clear that the school district wants to portray the Daily Pass as a means of protecting children, as well as putting them at ease about going to school. But, the propaganda video really brings it home. Everything, from the idea to the video, is just about as creepy as you’d expect when a global tech company teams up with a government-run school district.

You can watch the full promotional video here.

For the nearly 500K students in the district, to get a daily pass, they will have to answer COVID-related questions and test negative for COVID each week. Additionally, students will be prompted (via an app) to get vaccinated.

A big question on people’s minds has to do with the child’s data. According to NBC Los Angeles, “Anonymous data from Daily Pass will be used by the Los Angeles Unified’s research and health care collaborators — Stanford University, UCLA, The Johns Hopkins University, Anthem Blue Cross, Healthnet and Cedars Sinai — to provide insights for strategies to create the safest possible school environment.”