Biden Edits Out Dr. Seuss On “Read Across America Day”

Today is “Read Across America Day.” It’s the yearly celebration of the late author Dr. Seuss. Previous Presidents, Clinton, Obama and Trump have all recognized Dr. Seuss in comments addressing this book-worm day.

Not so much this year.

Biden, when making his proclamation, made no mention of the beloved children’s author. This comes after Virginia’s Loudoun County Public Schools went full-woke and banned Dr. Seuss from its celebration.

Loudoun County said the removal of Dr. Seuss was due to the author’s “racial undertones” and does not meet the school’s standard of learning that is “culturally responsive.”

Here’s Biden’s non-Seuss-y proclamation:

“I have always believed that America’s children are the kite strings that keep our national ambitions aloft — the more we do today to spark their curiosity, their confidence, and their imaginations, the stronger our country will be tomorrow.  The key to developing young learners into engaged, active, and innovative thinkers is instilling in them a love of reading at an early age.  Reading is the gateway to countless skills and possibilities — it sets children on the path to a lifetime of discovery.  On this Read Across America Day, we celebrate the parents, educators, librarians, and other champions of reading who help launch our Nation’s children on that critical path.

Once a passion for reading takes hold in a young person, the benefits extend far beyond the classroom.  Reading broadens our perspective, introduces us to new worlds, cultures, and languages, and cultivates our sense of empathy and understanding of other people’s experiences and views.  Reading informs us, empowers us, and teaches us the lessons of history.  It helps us make sense of the world as it is — and inspires us to dream of what it could be. “