Kabul Meltdown: Americans Being Beaten And Stopped From Boarding Airplanes, Reports Say

Outside the airport in Kabul, Taliban terrorists are actively screening individuals for evidence of helping American and allied forces.

The increase in oppressive activity by the terrorist organization is one of the latest in tragic developments to befall Afghanistan residents since the fall of Kabul. The deterioration of area has been the focus of world events, as nations watched 20 years of US-led efforts to stabilize the Afghanistan region was completely wiped out in a matter of days.

The decision for a rapid, and unplanned, troop withdrawal was made by Former Vice President Joe Biden (who had earlier this year fallen up the stairs of Air Force One).

In a video posted to Twitter, members of a crowd trying to enter the Kabul airport being beaten and intimidated by continuous gunfire.

An additional video was posted by an interpreter who had aided Marines. In it, you can see Taliban forces beating those trying to leave.

It’s being reported Taliban terrorists are designing checkpoints, making interrogation lists, and going door to door, all of which is in an effort to find those who have helped US and allied forces. When those people are found, they are being “arrested” by the terrorists.

In a report created by a Norwegian intelligence organization, NBC reported “The Taliban are going door-to-door and screening names at Kabul checkpoints as they hunt for people who worked with U.S.-led forces or the previous Afghan government, according to an intelligence report submitted to the United Nations. The report — compiled by a Norwegian intelligence group and sent to NBC News — casts further doubt on the militant group’s claims of a “general amnesty” in the wake of their takeover.”

Sasha Ingber, a national security reporter, said Americans have been “beaten throughout the night” by the terrorists.

The reports coming out of Kabul contradict Former Vice President Biden’s unsubstantiated claims of “Americans are not being impeded as they travel to the Kabul airport.” The elderly President (who was filmed earlier this month apparently getting lost near the White House garden) has also baselessly claimed Americans were not being harmed.