Los Angeles Times Denies Submitting Questions To White House Despite Photo Of Cheat Sheet

The Los Angeles Times denies submitting questions to the White House ahead of President Biden’s recent press conference, despite a photograph of a cheat sheet suggesting otherwise.

The LA Times’ Vice President of Communications, Hillary Manning, stated, “Our reporter did not submit any questions in advance of the Q&A with President Biden,” and highlighted that the White House press office is where their White House correspondent, Courtney Subramanian, often seeks information. Fox News Digital approached the White House for comment, but they have yet to respond.

During the press conference, a photographer took a shot of the president holding the cheat sheet, which included a picture of Subramanian, a handwritten “Question #1,” and the words “How are YOU squaring YOUR domestic priorities – like reshoring semiconductors manufacturing – with alliance-based foreign policy?” Biden’s response was: “My top economic priority is to build up U.S. domestic manufacturing in competition with China.”

On air, CNN White House correspondent, Arlette Saenz, pointed out the level of specificity on the note card with the inclusion of Subramanian’s photo and suggested the Republicans were using the incident to question Biden’s age. Kaitlan Collins, host of CNN This Morning, added that the White House rarely holds press conferences, and Subramanian’s question had been slightly different from the one on the cheat sheet.

CNN’s John Avalon further discussed concerns surrounding Biden’s age and how the incident didn’t help matters. Included in the cheat sheet was a pronunciation guide to Subramanian’s last name, and it wasn’t the first time such materials surfaced. In June, reporters caught sight of a cheat sheet with specific instructions for the president during a White House meeting with cabinet members.