Maricopa County Board Votes to Perform a “Multi-Layered Forensic Audit”

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors voted to undergo a comprehensive forensic audit of its voting systems used during the 2020 presidential election. Their main motivation behind the audit is to relieve the concerns of their constituents about the integrity of the election.

In a statement released after the vote was held, Chairman Jack Sellers stated that “a significant number of voters want the additional assurance that a full forensic audit of tabulation equipment might bring, especially given all the misinformation that spread following the November 3 election.”

The board unanimously voted to hire two independent companies to conduct the audit, hoping that its results will help build back trust from Maricopa County residents with the election system.

The “multi-layered forensic audit” will review the hardware, software, and financial background of Maricopa County’s machines. The independent companies will also be reviewing whether or not the tabulators sent or received information over the internet.

While the county is undergoing the audit, the Arizona Senate issued its own subpoenas back in December and will conduct an audit of election material across the state.

Arizona State Senator Warren Peterson told Fox News “My concern with the county audit is that the scope of the audit is an inch deep. With the limited scope, they have asked to be audited, they are guaranteed to find nothing.” Warren added that the state senate will have to conduct its own audit regardless of the county’s findings.