“My Dad Will Talk About Anything I Want Him To” Source: Hunter Biden

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In newly released audio recordings from Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop, he bragged that his dad would “talk about anything” he wanted him to. The now-disgraced heir of President Joe Biden bragged to a friend in 2018 about his influence over his father. “If it’s important to me, he’ll make it a part of his platform,” the first son said.

According to the Washington Examiner, the newfound audio files were part of a password-protected backup from the young Biden’s iPhone. The first son apparently recorded his conversation with British artist Phillipa Horan on his phone, then uploaded it to the laptop, later abandoning it at the Delaware computer repair shop. The media outlet hired cyber forensics expert Konstantinos Dimitrelos to locate and unlock the files. Other recordings were uncovered on the laptop. In one, the young Biden claimed he advised his dad on numerous occasions, even in political matters.

The laptop also contained a significant collection of emails and messages between Biden and numerous business partners in China, Ukraine, and elsewhere. It also had various photos and videos of the young Biden, some of which were pornographic.

After Biden dropped the computer off at the repair shop to be fixed, he never returned to the shop to check on it. Reportedly, Biden has put together a legal team working on proving the contents of the Delaware repair shop laptop are fake.