Netanyahu Officially Sworn In As Israel’s Prime Minister


Benjamin Netanyahu was sworn in as Israel’s Prime Minister on Tuesday, marking the continuation of him being the longest-serving leader of the nation.

Netanyahu was gained the country’s highest seat of power in 1996. At that time, he was 46 and the youngest person to ever hold that position, and led until 1999. From 2003-2005, he became Israel’s Finance Minister, where he focused on lowering taxes and directing the nation to become more capitalistic.

Netanyahu returned as Israel’s Prime Minister in 2009, where he remained in power for 12 years.

Netanyahu said as he was sworn in, “This new government is determined to restore governance, peace, and personal security to the citizens of Israel.”

Netanyahu directed his comments toward his opponents who claim the election result will mean catastrophe for their country, “I hear the opposition’s constant laments about ‘the end of the state’ and even ‘the end of democracy,’” he said. “Members of the opposition, losing the elections is not the end of democracy — it is the essence of democracy. A democratic regime is tested first of all by the willingness of the losing side to accept the majority’s decision. In an orderly democracy, the rules of the game are respected,” he commented.

In September, The White House commented on the possibility of Israel becoming more right-leaning under a Netanyahu-administration. “It would be a huge problem for us. This is not someone we want to see as part of the government. Netanyahu is very smart and experienced and understands the consequences of such a development. This has not been discussed with him yet, because, as mentioned, we are at an early stage. But there is no doubt that he understands.”