Texas Installs Shipping Containers Along Border To Lessen The Surge Of Illegal Immigration

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On Wednesday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott highlighted how the state was placing shipping containers along border to mitigate the surge in illegal border crossings.

He said in a tweet, “Texas is adding shipping containers to the US-Mexico border in El Paso.” He added, “This is in addition to the razor wire and national Guard. Together, the strategies are causing illegal immigration at that location to plummet.”

The tweet included a link to a foxsanantonio.com article, which featured a picture of the shipping containers placed at that border.

El Paso has experienced some of the worst influx in illegal border crossings. According to the border patrol, the city experiences an estimated 2.5 million crossings each day.

Abbott has been battling the rapid rise in illegal immigrants entering the country. The majority of his efforts have been surrounding the probability of Title 42 being lifted. Before the Supreme Court ruled this week for Title 42 to remain, Abbott had sent hundreds of National Guard troops to supplement the border patrol forces.

To highlight the burden managing the surge across the border has on the state and local communities, Abbott said he had sent nearly 16,000 migrants to so-called “sanctuary cities” over the course of the past year.

Before Title 42 was ruled to remain in place, experts had estimated there are 50,000 people ready to enter the United States.

Arizona has used shipping containers to thwart the advances of illegal migration along portions of their state’s borders. However, the Biden Administration sued and halted the “installing [of] shipping containers along the international border.”