New Report Has Dem. Strategists Admitting Party’s Brand Is “A Wreck” With “Little Positive To Say” About Biden

Gage Skidmore

With the backdrop of rising inflation, surging gas prices, a terrible pull-out of Afghanistan, and an out-of-control border crisis, the Democrats are finding themselves in the middle of an identity/brand crisis of their own making.

Politico reported on new surveys that are having Democrat strategists in a panic. “What they discovered, largely through focus groups and polling, was even worse than expected. The problems cut far deeper than the failings of their gubernatorial nominee, Terry McAuliffe, or President Joe Biden’s flagging approval ratings. Rather, the Democratic Party’s entire brand was a wreck.”

The poll went on to highlight that many who had voted for the Former Vice President in the 2020 election couldn’t pinpoint what the Democrat party values are, or even what they have accomplished, except a few who noted the infrastructure bill.

Politico stated, “Less than a year ahead of midterm elections, in which even Democrats widely expect they will lose the House and, possibly, the Senate, the party is confronting an identity crisis. It isn’t just Biden’s cratering public approval ratings, inflation, or the precedent that the party in power typically loses seats in a president’s first midterm.”

Of the findings, what is having strategists say “we’re f-ed,” is that nearly all Democrat accomplishments  “show few signs of helping them at the ballot box.” The survey also found “2020 Biden voters had little positive to say about him right now.”