New York City Hall Reverses de Blasio’s Plan to Close Trump’s Skating Rinks

Earlier this month, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio canceled contracts with the Trump Organization, effectively closing Trump’s ice skating rinks in New York over a month early. The rinks were expected to close six weeks ahead of their usual closing date until City Hall reversed de Blasio’s move allowing the rinks to operate until the end of the season.

Trump’s skating rink was expected to close on Sunday until de Blasio’s press secretary Bill Neidhardt said “New York City kids deserve all the time on the ice they can get this year. The Wollman and Lasker rinks will stay open under current management for the few weeks left in this season.”

Neidhardt added, “But make no mistake, we will not be doing business with the Trump Organization going forward. Inciting an insurrection will never be forgotten or forgiven.”

Customers of the Trump operated skating rinks were unhappy that de Blasio was making a political move against Trump at their own expense, with Lee Klausner, whose children frequently skate at the rink, saying “The real people they’re hurting are the 2,500 children that have been benefiting from the skating program this season and 250 innocent employees who have been keeping this going for us.”

Opinions on de Blasio’s decision came to a head at Trump’s Wollman Rink in Central Park on Sunday after a man took to the ice wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat and holding a ‘Trump 2024’ flag. Video from the incident showed the man encountering angry responses from some of the skaters, eventually being tackled to the ice while some people cheered.

Although the Wollman Rink, as well as one other rink, is expected to close down for good at the end of the season, skaters, employees, and members of the Trump family were thankful that New York City allowed the rink to operate until April. 

Eric Trump took to Twitter to thank de Blasio for allowing the rinks to remain open, “You’ve just made countless NYC families (along w our 250 employees) incredibly happy. This is a bright moment for New York and please know we appreciate it.”