Newly Unearthed Emails Suggest Joe Biden Used Pseudonym to Discuss White House Appointments with Son Hunter

Emails from 2014, discovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop, suggest that former Vice President Joe Biden used an alias to discuss a prospective White House appointment with his son.

The emails, dated June 23, 2014, according to Fox News were exchanged between Hunter Biden and an account under the name “Robin Ware,” one of several pseudonyms reportedly used by Biden during his time as Vice President.

In the email thread, Hunter Biden, using his Rosemont Seneca Partners email, wrote, “Before you fill position pls talk to me—– J. McGrail very much wants to serve as detail fr treasury.” A prompt reply from stated, “Re Johnny call me right away Dad.”

John McGrail, who was a senior counsel at the U.S. Treasury when the emails were sent, later joined the Biden White House as deputy counsel. He currently serves as a counselor to the Treasury’s undersecretary for domestic finance. Neither McGrail, the White House, nor Hunter Biden’s legal team responded to inquiries for comments.

These email revelations come on the heels of a lawsuit filed by the Southeastern Legal Foundation against the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). The foundation is seeking all vice-presidential records linked to three specific email accounts:,, and Despite filing a Freedom of Information Act request in June 2022, the foundation claims it hasn’t received any documents.

NARA, however, acknowledged the existence of a substantial number of potentially relevant records. An email dated June 24, 2022, stated, “We have performed a search of our collection for Vice Presidential records related to your request and have identified approximately 5,138 email messages, 25 electronic files and 200 pages of potentially responsive records.”

Rep. James Comer, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, has also requested from NARA unredacted emails between Biden and his son concerning Ukraine and Burisma, as well as any documents related to Biden’s pseudonyms. Comer stated, “Joe Biden has stated there was ‘an absolute wall’ between his family’s foreign business schemes and his duties as vice president, but evidence reveals that access was wide open for his family’s influence peddling.”

He added, “We already have evidence of then-Vice President Biden speaking, dining, and having coffee with his son’s foreign business associates. The National Archives must provide these unredacted records to further our investigation into the Biden family’s corruption.”