Republicans Probe Biden’s Use of Pseudonyms: Is Impeachment on the Horizon?

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Two leading Senate Republicans are pressing for details about whether nine boxes of documents, retrieved from the Boston-based law office of President Joe Biden’s personal lawyer, Patrick Moore, contain any aliases or personal email accounts.

Senators Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin have penned a letter to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), inquiring if the agency has examined the contents of these boxes, which were originally moved from Biden’s prior D.C. think tank office.

The Senators are specifically asking, “If so, did any of the Biden records discovered at Mr. Moore’s Boston office include the pseudonyms and email addresses listed below that then-Vice President Biden used?” They went on to list several email addresses and pseudonyms such as “,” “,” “JRB Ware,” and “67stingray.”

Earlier this year, NARA informed the Senators that it had collected these nine boxes from Moore’s Boston office in November, at the behest of the Justice Department. This was part of an ongoing probe led by special counsel Robert Hur into Biden’s management of classified information. Although Grassley and Johnson had previously asked NARA if these email addresses were present in the Boston materials, the agency clarified that it had not yet reviewed the contents.

The issue of Biden’s alleged use of pseudonyms has recently come under the spotlight. The Southeastern Legal Foundation has filed a lawsuit against NARA, demanding the release of around 5,400 records linked to Biden’s alias accounts. Additionally, House Oversight Chairman James Comer has requested NARA to provide all unredacted records related to Biden’s vice-presidential duties that intersect with his son Hunter’s Ukraine activities. Comer specifically cited a document purportedly sent to “Robert L. Peters,” identified as a Biden alias.

While Biden has long maintained that he never discussed business with his son Hunter, recent discoveries by GOP investigators suggest a flow of millions from foreign entities to the Biden family under questionable circumstances. This has led to increased speculation among House Republicans about initiating an impeachment inquiry against the President.