NYC Mayor’s Office Blasted For Tweeting “Greatest City In The World” And Video Of Subway Train

@nycmayorsoffice | Twitter

New York City’s new mayor created a PR problem after the “NYC Mayor’s Office” Twitter page tweeted a video of a subway train with the caption “Greatest City In The World.”

The ill-timed tweet follows the horrific events of Tuesday’s mass shooting, which occurred within NYC’s subway system.

Reports have emerged on Wednesday that the far-left extremist man who was initially considered a “person of interest” has been taken into custody by the NYPD. Later on Wednesday, NYPD confirmed the man is now a suspect.

Due to American1 editorial standards, we refrain from publishing names of mass shooters, unless it can help authories in their capture. 

Responses to the Democratic Mayor’s tweet called out the office for their lack of sensitivity concerning Tuesday’s shooting.