“Victory” – Georgia Governor Signs Pro-Second Amendment Constitutional Carry Bill

On Tuesday, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed a bill that immediately allows Georgia citizens to carry handguns without a permit.

Georgia’s move follows a growing national trend among state legislatures, where citizens are allowed to “Constitutional Carry.”

Senate Bill 319 was originally passed on April 1st and enables citizens to conceal carry their handguns without having to obtain a permit from state authorities. The exceptions for this new law are felons and those with particular mental health issues.

According to Kemp, this law helps Georgia citizens “to protect themselves without having to have permission from your state government.”

He went on to say, “The Constitution of the United States gives us that right, not the government.”

A sponsor of the bill, Georgia State republican Senator Jason Anavitarte said, “Today was a victory for the safety, security and constitutional rights of hardworking Georgians.”

He went on to say, “This bill is about self-protection and self-empowerment,” said Anavitarte. “It’s about disincentivizing criminals and empowering law-abiding citizens to defend themselves and their families.”

The new law does not remove required background checks to be performed prior to the purchase of a handgun.

However, those on the left are viewing this new law as making it easier for criminals to obtain guns.