Parler CEO Says Trump is Welcome on the Platform

Now that Parler is back online, the company is looking to begin rebuilding any support it may have lost after being kicked offline by Amazon Web Hosting Services for nearly a month. Parler’s interim CEO Mark Mechler told Fox News that former President Donald Trump is “welcome on the platform just like anybody else,” adding “We welcome all political perspectives.”

Mechler added that he does not agree with Twitter and Facebook’s decision to remove Trump from their platforms, stating that the former President did not say “anything illegal” on the sites.

Meckler told Fox that no one at Parler, including himself, has spoken with Trump or his company. 

Meckler also said that he believes Parler will return to Apple’s App Store soon, but that his company is “not really interested” in working with Google, calling the company “anti-free speech.” He said that any Android users who want to join Parler may need to “side-load” the app onto their devices.

Parler is currently in the midst of a lawsuit against Amazon, alleging that the company colluded with other Big Tech firms to remove Parler from the social media space in an attempt to take out smaller competition. 

The lawsuit stated, “Because there was a widespread public expectation that President Trump would join the Parler platform after being expelled from Twitter, there was a very real possibility that Parler’s estimated value might soon rise to several billions of dollars.”