“People Are Rebelling” Against Liberal Agenda – DeSantis On Republican Win In VA

In an interview, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said Virginia’s recent election of Republican Glenn Youngkin was a rebellion against “leftist indoctrination.”

Speaking on Fox News, Desantis said,  “I think people are rebelling against what the Democratic Party stands for nowadays, the never ending mandates and restrictions because a COVID, using our school system for leftist indoctrination, rather than high quality education, and then the Biden regime failures from Afghanistan to the southern border, gas prices, inflation, supply chain. I think you had Glenn Youngkin, who really I think did a great job, was a great candidate, and I think he really represented a contrasting vision that was much more appealing to the majority of Virginians.”

He went on to say, “And I do think … this wave is building, I think it was strong last night, but I think it’s going to keep building all the way into ’22. And if you go back to the 2010 wave that Republicans had, I think there’s more dissatisfaction with what’s going on in D.C. today than there was at this time in that election cycle. And that is good news for Republicans. And that is bad news for Joe Biden and his regime.”