President Biden Allows Press to Access Border Facility For the First Time

Amid complaints from photographers and journalists directed towards the Biden administration over a lack of press access to the situation at the southern border, President Biden has for the first time, allowed members of the media to access a border facility.

Biden Administration Officials, as well as Congressmembers, accompanied a reporter and camera crew in a tour of a holding center in Carizzo Springs, Texas. The facility, along with four others, was recently opened by the Department of Health and Human Services to combat the surge of migrants in need of housing.

Gabe Gutierrez, a reporter for NBC, said he noticed “plenty of children” during his two-hour tour of the facility, although he was not allowed to speak with any of them.

The facility is currently housing 766 children out of its 952 capacity, currently, 108 of the children have tested positive for COVID-19.

The images taken at the Carizzo Springs facility stood in stark contrast to the leaked photos, of a less clean and much more cramped facility, that surfaced earlier this week. 

The images showed clean housing quarters, with two bunk beds to a room, and classroom-style rooms with pencils and paper.