Psaki Is Now Saying The Cuban Pro-Freedom Protests Are About “Economic Mismanagement”

The Biden Administration is continuing to twist itself in knots, trying to explain why the Cuban people have suddenly protested in opposition to their oppressive communist government.

And their explanations are becoming almost comical.

During Monday’s press conference, Former Vice President Joe Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, made the outrageous claim that the Cuban unrest is due to “economic mismanagement.”

A reporter asked Psaki, “Just to follow up on Cuba, can you give us a sense of where the President’s policy review on Cuba is right now? Do you anticipate making any changes, as Jonathan asked and where do you see it going from here?”

Psaki responded, “Well, I will say first, and I meant to say this in response to Jonathan, but there’s every indication that yesterday’s protests were spontaneous expressions of people who were exhausted with the Cuban government’s economic mismanagement, and repression. And those, these are protests inspired by the harsh reality of everyday life in Cuba, not people in another country. I’m saying that because I think there have been a range of accusations out there, as you well know.”

Fox New’s Peter Doocy pressed the issue further, bringing up the Administration’s previous explanation of the protests being rooted in frustrations related to COVID.

Doocy said, “And then on Cuba, you’re talking today about how some of these protests are inspired by people exhausted with the government. Why is it that yesterday the State Department was saying that this was all happening out of concern about rising COVID cases?”

Psaki went on to answer the question saying, “Well, I would say first, that the protests were just happening yesterday, we’re still assessing what is motivating and, of course, in driving all of the individuals who came to the streets, but we know that when we say exhaustion, the, the, um, the, uh, the manner by which the people of Cuba are governed, that can cover a range of issues, whether it’s economic suppression, media suppression, lack of access to health and medical supplies, including vaccines. There are a range of reasons and voices we’re hearing from people on the ground who are protesting.”