Representative Jamaal Bowman’s Fire Alarm Incident Captured on Video

Source: U.S. Capitol Police

New footage released on Thursday, acquired by Fox News, provides a visual account of “Squad” member and New York Democrat Rep. Jamaal Bowman activating a fire alarm in the Cannon House Office Building on September 30th. Following the incident, Bowman accepted a plea deal relating to misdemeanor charges tied to his actions.

The video clearly depicts Bowman nearing two doors inside the building. Initially, he is seen trying to open the right-side door, unintentionally taking a red alarm sign with him. Following this, Bowman seems to make an attempt on the left door, which results in another alarm sign getting knocked over. The sequence culminates with Bowman activating the fire alarm, and then leaving the frame, still holding the red alarm sign from the first door.

In light of the situation, Bowman defended his actions, stating, “I did not mean to pull the fire alarm,” suggesting he was hurrying to partake in a vote. At that particular juncture, the House was debating a provisional bill intended to temporarily fund the government. In a statement outside the D.C. Superior Court, Bowman further clarified, “Hell no, I didn’t mean to pull the alarm.” He added, “What I did was against D.C. law. As I said from the very beginning, I was not trying to disrupt any congressional proceedings, I’m glad the investigation yielded that.”

The incident occurred just before a significant vote, with the GOP introducing an urgent stopgap funding bill to thwart a potential government shutdown. Despite Bowman’s clarifications, some argue that the footage contradicts his statements.

The video release sparked a flurry of reactions online. Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz from Florida commented that this act “is what lawyers would call ‘intent.'” Scott Walker, the former GOP Governor of Wisconsin, took to Twitter, labeling Bowman as a “bold-faced liar” and suggesting, “This is not a brain freeze. Not an accident. This was a premeditated attempt to stop other Members of Congress from voting.” Walker’s tweet further emphasized that, “This is a federal crime and there must be consequences for his actions. The tapes reveal the truth. Time for him to go to jail.”

Additionally, some viewers of the video pointed out that after triggering the alarm, Bowman didn’t make any subsequent efforts to access the doors. As of now, Bowman’s office has not provided a comment regarding the video.

The 47-year-old Congressman voluntarily appeared at the D.C. Superior Court on Thursday. During the proceedings, he pleaded guilty to causing the false alarm.